Ten Ways
Cabinet exhibition to celebrate American Abstract Artists 80th Anniversary

_ April 28, 2016 through June 4, 2016

Power Boothe, John Goodyear, Lynne Harlow, Daniel G. Hill, James Juszczyk, Joanne Mattera, Lorenza Sannai, Susan Smith, Don Voisine, Stephen Westfall

Curated by Lorenza Sannai, who writes on the exhibition as follows:

„We know, abstraction has a central role in modern artistic practice. A thousand abstract arts alternate in the attention of the public.
The exhibition Ten Ways that is now on view at dr. julius | ap in Berlin, started at Derbylius in Milan, a gallery which is also an art bookstore. Because of the double nature of Derbylius, Ten Ways presents works to hang on the wall and also artist books by the ten participant members from the American Abstract Artists association who work on the theme of geometry. The artist books are folders that are kept in an individual Plexiglas container.
To quote Paul Klee, “Art does not reproduce the visible, rather, it makes visible”. This event is an occasion to again highlight the relevance of paintings that refer to order, to the object, to color, to a technique, to a crucially significant story that undaunted keeps regenerating.“